I’m a big tough girl, I tie my own sandals and everything.

This set is dedicated to tooshas. Aka Natasha (natosha :P). One of my closest friends in the world. Today is Toosha’s birthday, and I wish I could be spending it with her. Over the summer, Toosha decided to come up from Arizona and spend a month and a half with me. It was wonderful to have her here. To see her pretty face every day. To be able to talk with one of my tumblr pals, and it was such a surreal experience. Toosha helped me out in a very tough time in my life, and I can’t ever thank her enough, Happy Birthday, Toosha! I love you so much. David, Jacob, Oatmeal, Raven and I all miss you. Thank you for being my friend.And I hope your day was great.

Disney characters + Wearing Hoods


A Kocoum appreciation post.